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About Dreams Grow Farm

Dreams Grow Farm is an organic garlic farm producing sutainably grown, fresh rocambole garlic, raised from old family traditions dating back to the late 1890’s in Felsogagy, Hungary. (Pronouced: Fellz-o-gaggy)

For more than 100 years after Great Grandmother Borbala (Barbara) crossed the Atlantic, the strong family heritage of growing Felsogagy Garlic continues from the same genetic garlic plant that left the family garden in Hugary and settled in the heart of Ohio.

We hope you try our family tradtition and that it becomes part of your family’s heritage as it is ours.

—Dave Jones

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One Pound (1lb.) Felsogagy Garlic

Sliced thin and dehydrated. USA grown in Ohio. The full flavor remains. Grind, crush, or use whole as you would fresh. Simply Delicious.

*Shipping 2nd week in August


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Our Family’s Garlic Journey to America

Felsogagy, Hungary

Hungary had political upheaval until WWI in 1918. Many immigrated from the power/politics during this relative calm from 1867 – 1918.

My Great Great Grand Parents, Josef Toth and Anna Czapana were born in Felsogagy, Hungary. (Prounounced Fellsz-o-gaggy)

Like everyone else in that time, they grew their own food in the family garden. The garlic grown today on my farm originated in their garden, which their daughter Borbala brought to America in the late 1890’s.


Great Grandma Borbala - b. 1879, Felsogagy, Hungary

Janos/John Lezark was born February 1869 in Felsogagy, Hungary. He married Borbala/Barbara Toth born September 1879 in Felsogagy, Hungary. They immigrated to America.

Borbala grew her home-land garlic in a window box outside her apartment in New York City.

Shortly thereafter she and her husband moved to Clymer, PA. where she planted her first real garden here in the United States.

My Mother Nancy Jane, sister, and I at age 5

My mother, Nancy Jane Jones, had no passion for gardening vegetables. So, as a small child, my mother sent me stay with my Grandmother Margaret to help her with her garden during the summer months.

Starting at age 5, I was introduced into the world of weeding, tending the vegetables and flowers at my Grandmother’s side. I spent nearly some part of every summer living with her and this tradition continued until I was 18 years old. I bought my first home at 19 and as a house warming gift, my Grandmother brought me plants and garlic for my own garden, which I have continued to grow for the last 61 years

Our Family’s Garlic Farm in Ohio

We prefer organic growing practices to nourish our crops like chicken litter, cow manure, and blood meal.  We also lovingly hand plant and lay 4-inches of straw to prevent weed growth.

2021 Summer Garlic Harvest.  USA Ohio Grown!

Fertilization techniques for Local Ohio Garlic.


To reach Dave Jones, at his Lucas, Ohio farm, please provide your name, email address, telephone number and your inquiry on the contact form.

He will respond at his earliest convenience as he may be "out standing in his field".

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